Animal Welfare

We believe our guests care about how their food is sourced, and so do we. While we still have areas to improve, animal welfare remains an important part of our brand’s sourcing strategy and we are proud to support the following initiatives:

Cage-Free Eggs

In 2016 Denny’s proudly announced its pledge to source and serve 100 percent cage-free eggs in all U.S. restaurants by 2026. We’ve been committed to quality food and a true diner experience for over 60 years and this is just another way of honoring that commitment.

Responsible use of Antibiotics

Denny’s supports the responsible application of antibiotics for the sole purpose of maintaining animal health managed through veterinary oversight in accordance with GFI 213. Denny’s is categorically against any other use of antibiotics and human exposure to animal antibiotics which is prohibited by law.


We continue to emphasize our purchase preference with suppliers who use polled breeding stock versus the practice of dehorning cattle.


Since 2012, we have been committed to sourcing our pork from suppliers that practice the limited use of gestation crates for the housing of sows.


Since 2011, we have been using suppliers that practice the most humane slaughter method (CAK), and have proudly received recognition from PETA for our commitment.

Broiler Chickens

Denny’s understands the issues surrounding the welfare of broilers in the supply chain, and stands in support of the humane treatment of these animals. Denny’s has been a longtime proponent of humane stunning methodologies for all agricultural animals, including but not limited to chickens.

Denny’s believes in and supports prudent and responsible efforts toward these ongoing transitions.

  • The development of healthier bird strains,
  • Reduced stocking levels,
  • Providing environmental enrichments, and
  • The move to controlled atmosphere processing.